Darra Murphy MB, BCh, BAO, MICGP (Ire), FRACGP, MFamMed, FASPM (Aus)

Darra entered Medicine in order to do Psychiatry, but was seriously put off by his undergraduate experience of that discipline. Having visited Australia as a medical student (1975), he migrated here upon graduation from University College Dublin (1976). He recalls that he “stumbled upon” a number of psycho-analytically trained GPs whilst doing a rotation at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne (1978), when he entered the training program of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). He was fortunate to receive psycho-analytic supervision for an hour a week in his first year in general practice and also trained in clinical hypnosis at that time. Since then, he has developed skills in cognitive-behavioural approaches to therapy (CBT), relaxation training and EMDR therapy.

He was a country doctor for over 25 years, where he gained considerable experience in rural hospital Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Adult and Emergency Medicine, as well as Clinical Administration. He helped to establish a full-time Indigenous Health Service in Morwell (1982) and went on to establish and run a teaching practice in Trafalgar (1984), where he was in practice for over 17 years. During most of his years in Gippsland, the community had only one Consultant Psychiatrist for a population of over 150,000 people and so psychotherapy became a large part of his practice. He helped to establish the Monash University Centre for Rural Health (1992) and was the Convenor and first Executive Director of the Central West Gippsland Division of General Practice (1994). He completed a Masters Degree in Family Medicine at Monash (1996). In 2001, he was recruited to the position of Director of Medical Services and Primary Care at Echuca Regional Health where he spent 3 years before finally moving back to Melbourne (2004). He has been in private medical practice at The Western Medical Centre in Yarraville since 2004.

Darra first trained in EMDR therapy with Sigmund Burzynski and Anthony Smith in 1999. He undertook supervision with Sigmund between 2006-2010 and became an EMDR Institute Facilitator in 2011. Following this, he assisted Sigmund at over 20 Basic Training weekends (1 and 2) and attended 4 Master Classes. Trained as a trainer by Francine Shapiro herself, he became an EMDR Institute trainer in 2015 and was finally accredited by EMDRAA in 2018. He is a past President of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine, during which time helped to develop a Basic Skills Training program for GPs in Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS). When he chaired the Psychological Medicine Network of the RACGP, he developed and delivered an Advanced Learning Module in EMDR Therapy for GPs. He has a particular interest in the mechanism and the underlying physiology of EMDR Therapy (i.e. both Resourcing and Reprocessing).

Since COVID, which has accelerated his ‘transition to retirement’, Darra has been providing Telehealth services only to established patients. In that time he has conducted only 3 Basic Training weekends, albeit that he hopes to resume more regular trainings as the threat of COVID recedes.

Mobile         +61 418 584 470

Fax              +61 3 9315 3755

Email           [email protected]

Website       https://www.darrajmurphy.com/