Fiona Mawson

Fiona Mawson is a Counselling Psychologist and an accredited practitioner with both EMDRIA and EMDRAA registration. Fiona completed her EMDR basic training in 2015 progressing to advanced training with Dr. Roger Solomon in 2015 and has participated in 4 master class and 2 intensive training programs with Dr. Roger Solomon with advanced skills to work with dissociative clients. Fiona has developed an EMDR focused practice in Healesville and Aspendale, Victoria. Fiona has developed skills integrating EMDR with ego state therapy to work with complex clients such as returned veterans, clients with dissociative disorders and clients with complex childhood trauma. Fiona has a particular interest in spirituality, spiritual crisis and spiritual emergence and integrates this knowledge with her EMDR practice.

Her commitment and passion for EMDR led her to join the APS EMDR Interest Group where along with the committee, she has actively promoted EMDR in Australia. As a facilitator Fiona has supported trainee’s during Weekend 1 and 2 trainings with Sigmund Burzynski since 2017.

Supporting and teaching clinicians to prepare clients appropriately for EMDR processing and how to stay attuned to their client’s individual needs whilst processing is occurring is an important focus in supervision. Fiona is passionate about supporting new EMDR clinicians to develop a trauma lens to enable them to assist their clients to be informed by trauma memories, rather than to be controlled by them. Fiona seeks to inspire new EMDR therapists by supporting their learning so that they can inspire and support their clients on their journey to wellness through EMDR therapy.