Irene Begg

I am an EMDR Institute Consultant/Facilitator and past EMDR NZ Board Chairperson and current Member. I have been a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors since 2004. Having previously worked in the Government and Non Government Sector I set up my own private practice ten years ago based in Rotorua, and also have satellite offices in Mt Maunganui and Whakatane. I am an ACC Sensitive Claims approved therapist, my referrals also consist of EAP Counselling, private referrals, supervision, and also, of course, EMDR Case Consultation Groups in Auckland, Rotorua & Tauranga and web-based supervision for EMDR practitioners on a regular basis. I have been practising EMDR therapy since 2009, and trained by Sigmund Burzynski, and have attended several Structural Dissociation training and Master Classes with Roger Solomon.”