Khodadad Mikhchi Master of Psychology (Work and Organisational) at University of South Australia, Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Khodadad Mikhchi is a psychologist in Adelaide; he has been practising psychology since 1998 offshore and onshore. Khodadad is an EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA) Accredited Consultant. He provides supervision to psychologists and other mental health practitioners who are working towards completing basic training and accredited practitioner’s application. Khodadad has taken up a range of opportunities to learn the application of EMDR protocols directly from EMDR Institute faculty members and leaders in the field. Khodadad has a special interest in trauma, dissociation, attachment (adult attachment styles) and its impact on development of mental disorders and treatment. Khodadad also had training and supervision to facilitate EMDR for pain management. Khodadad received extra training to treat a wide range of addictions and behaviours, including substances, eating, gambling, sex, etc by Desensitisation of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing protocol (DeTUR).