Naomi Iliffe

Naomi Iliffe is a psychologist who has been working with children and families since 1998. Naomi’s early career focused in the fields of child protection, out of home care and complex trauma in non-government organisations, including managing child protection and therapy programs, consultant and trainer. Naomi started her own private practice in 2009 and her current work focuses on children and adult survivors of trauma and complex trauma. Naomi also sees clients with a range of presentations including phobias, anxiety, depression and adjustment difficulties.

Naomi is an accredited EMDR Consultant with EMDRAA and EMDR Training Facilitator with the EMDR Institute. Naomi has also undertaken three EMDR Masterclass and two Masterclass Intensive’s with Dr Roger Solomon, developing advanced skills in working with EMDR and clients who experience dissociation, childhood abuse, neglect and complex trauma. Naomi has also completed training for EMDR with Children and routinely utilises EMDR Therapy with the children she works with. Naomi’s main modality of work with her clients is EMDR Therapy, she is a member of the APS EMDR Interest group and is proud to be a member of the EMDR Institute. Naomi has been working with Sigmund Burzynski since 2018 helping facilitate EMDR Training, and provides consultation to therapists trained in EMDR in working with both children and adults.