Peili Wu

Peili Wu is a counselling psychologist in her Ding Xi Counseling Center after she retired from her teaching job in National Taiwan Normal University in 2018. During her working as a professor on campus, she tried to help the students to learn how to be a professional helper and also devoted herself to the community work. She has been practising counselling since 1975 as a counsellor in Teacher Chang Foundation.

Peili has learned EMDR Therapy since 2006 in Philadelphia. After the Weekend I Basic Training, she made the decision that she would like to work with this Protocol for her major professional career. She built up the Taiwan EMDR Association to help the Taiwanese to know about EMDR Therapy. She began to be the EMDRIA Certified Therapist in 2015. Her major work is with the adolescents and adults, and she is familiar with the trauma therapy since she has learned from her Ph.D. Program in SUNY at Buffalo.

The Taiwan EMDR Association has invited Mr. Sigmund Burzynski to train the Taiwanese professional helpers to work with the EMDR Therapy since 2013. It’s lovely to see that our group members would be trained the Basic Training in Mandarin version from 2018.