Sudha Kudva MSc., MSc., M.A. Counselling

Sudha Kudva is in a private practice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (Abri Integrated Mental Health). She is a licenced counsellor with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors.

She is also a certified Play therapist, and Senior Supervisor for Trainee Play Therapists [PTI]. She works very much with adult individuals, couples, families, and of course kids! She is trained in emotionally focussed couples therapy (EFT), Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, Past and Current Life regression Therapy (PLRT), and EMDR Therapy.

Much early on in her career, Sudha worked in a Non Governmental Organization, counselling children and adult survivors of childhood abuse, especially sexual abuse. She has worked with many cases of psychosomatic disorders and is fascinated by how the body can re-set when given the appropriate conditions.

She is passionate about trauma work and has achieved very good results using the modality of EMDR therapy. She finds the work done using this modality speaks for itself. Her background in child therapy has supported her understand the depth by which adults could be impacted by the past- their childhood. She completed her EMDR Institute Basic Training with trainer Sigmund Burzynski and completed further advanced training with EMDR Therapy Senior Institute trainers.

To support adults understand the impact of their actions on kids, she has authored a book titled – ‘Childhood Matters.- How We Interact with Kids Makes a Big Difference’.

She also facilitates ½ day /1 day/ 2 day and 4 day workshops supporting adults to understand themselves and kids.