Janette McMahon

Dr Janette McMahon B Bus, Grad Dip Psych, B Psych(Hons), D Clinical Psych, FCCLP, MAPS. Dr Janette McMahon completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2009. Janette worked in both community and hospital settings before starting her own private practice in 2008.  She specialises in Anxiety Disorders, Attachment Loss and Trauma, Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD... Read more
Janette Mcmahon

Sigmund Burzynski

Sigmund Burzynski is in private psychological practice in Geelong, Victoria. As Senior Psychologist at Associated Psychology Services he has an extensive clinical background having served as resident psychologist at a maximum security prison for six years. During that time there was a heavy emphasis in his training dealing with trauma, violence, anger, drug related issues... Read more
Sigmund Burzynski

Roger Solomon

Dr. Roger Solomon is a psychologist specializing in the areas of trauma and grief.  He has been Senior Faculty with the EMDR Institute since 1993 and teaches EMDR internationally. He is a consultant with the US Senate, providing direct services (including EMDR) through the in-house Senate Employee Assistance Program. Dr. Solomon has provided consultation and... Read more
Roger 2019 Suit