Bozica Stumfol

Senior Psychologist working in the area of mental health with Queensland Health for over 15 years. Ms Stumfol has been practising in various mental health settings including multicultural mental health, older adults team and inpatient unit for people who are diagnosed with a chronic and severe mental illness. Prior to Queensland Health, Ms Stumfol worked... Read more
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Ip Lee Lee

Ms Ip Lee Lee hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and Sociology from the National University of Singapore and a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from National Technology University and National Institute of Education.  She is a registered social worker, a certified clinical supervisor, a registered counsellor, a certified truamatologist as well... Read more
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Zong-Ti Jhai

Associate professor Department of Counseling and Guidance, National University of Tainan, Taiwan (R.O.C) EDUCATION  Ph.D. In Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University LICENSE Licensed counseling psychotherapist SPECIALITIES Counseling for the deaf and hard of hearing Mental consultation Read more

Rosalie Gannon

“Rosalie Gannon is an experienced, endorsed Counselling Psychologist, who was trained by Francine Shapiro in the early 1990’s, and who has been passionate about EMDR Therapy ever since. She has used EMDR with most clients, both Adults and Children, in her private practice over the last 30 years. Rosalie became an EMDR Institute Facilitator in... Read more

Francisca Chiang

Francisca’s work experience ranged from children to adults. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has been central to her work because of its great effectiveness in moving distressing memories into the past. Alongside with EMDR, she also uses Developing A Secure Self, an attachment-based approach to help clients with early deficits that are associated with... Read more

Nicole Fraine

N Nicole Fraine Nicole Fraine is a clinical psychologist, in a private psychology practice on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Nicole has worked in private practice for 10 years, following 15 years as a guidance counsellor in catholic primary schools. During her time in schools, Nicole gained experience in working with children and in the area... Read more
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Ranka Margetic-Sosa

Ranka lives and works in New Zealand. She is registered psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience providing therapy for adults. Ranka also provides supervision for a variety of professionals in health and education. In the last 3 years Ranka has been in private practice. Before that she was a foundation staff and was... Read more

Linda Wan Koh

Linda has been a counsellor and psychotherapist for 21 years. She has been in private practice for the past 11 years; previously she worked as a Senior Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor at a community agency and also at the National University of Singapore Counselling and Psychological Services. Before training to become a counsellor, Linda worked... Read more
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