EMDR Anger Management Training

This one-day training is for those professionals whose client base includes clients that have anger and aggression issues. The training includes strategies for those clients with only minor anger issues to those whose whole life seems to be completely engulfed in anger and aggression.

The training will include information on:

  • Understanding the neurobiology of anger
  • A treatment plan: A two-phase treatment model
    • Phase 1: Stabilisation. Phase 2: Uncovering & Integration
  • Phase 1: Stabilisation:
    • Understanding why specific strategies are employed and their limitations
    • To become efficient in the practice of these strategies
    • What does socialisation to the CBT model really mean?
  • Phase 2: Uncovering and Integration:
    • Psychopathology as a disorder of memory
    • Anger and Dissociation
    • Treatment of trauma based anger: the need for a new skill base