Glenda Wallace BSc (Hons); MSc (Hons); Doc Clin Psych; MNZPsS; MICP; MEMDRNZ; MBPS (Associate Fellow); MDCP; MDoN

Dr Glenda Wallace is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist working in the Dunedin, South Island of New Zealand having moved to New Zealand in 2004.

Glenda has interests and expertise using EMDR Therapy in sexual trauma, brain injury, pain, loss and grief with health issues specially chronic and enduring conditions.

Glenda works with actors on performance, intention and understanding past traumas and how these are triggered, both in character and their own life, and developing adaptive coping strategies as part of her teaching commitment on the theatre studies course at University of Otago.

Glenda also teaches medical students at University of Otago utilising the AIP model.

Glenda works with sporting professionals across a range of sports using EMDR Therapy on building confidence, performance enhancement and personal triggers.

Email: [email protected]