Grief and Mourning


Utilization of EMDR Therapy with Grief and Mourning

This workshop will focus on integrating EMDR therapy into
the treatment of grief and mourning. The death of a loved one can be a time of unparalleled distress and adaptation to the loss can be very challenging. Even when uncomplicated, bereavement can result in significant psychological, behavioural, social, physical, and economic consequences (Osterweis, Solomon, & Green, 1984; Solomon & Rando, 2007, 2012, 2015).   EMDR therapy can be integrated into treatment of grief and mourning to process the distressing memories and present trigger that complicate the bereavement, and enable the mourner to assimilate and accommodate the loss.


Attachment theory increases our understanding of complicated grief and mourning and explains individual differences.   Research has shown that attachment style is an important determinant of how one grieves.  The loss of a significant person in adulthood can evoke many of the same feelings and responses that accompanied separation from an attachment figure during childhood (Kosminsky & Jordan, 2016).   Consequently, understanding attachment theory can guide the EMDR clinician in identification and treatment of the maladaptively stored information complicating the grief.  Continuing Bonds (Klass

This workshop will discuss grief and mourning, the processes the mourner has to go through for adaptive assimilation and accommodation of the loss, factors that can complicate bereavement, and how EMDR therapy can be integrated into an overall treatment plan.  Attachment theory and other models of grief will be presented that can inform EMDR therapy.   Heavy emphasis is placed throughout the workshop on analysis of clinical material.  Videotapes of clinical sessions will be used to illustrate the application of EMDR therapy to grief and mourning as well as to demonstrate the “art” of EMDR.  Case presentations and live demonstrations are also utilized.

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives


  • Understand grief and mourning, and factors that complicate the grief
  • Identify the processes necessary for assimilation and accommodation of loss
  • Understand attachment theory and its relation to grief and mourning
  • Understand how to integrate EMDR therapy into a treatment framework for grief and loss.
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