EMDR Accredited Training, Australia and New Zealand

Welcome to our EMDR Institute Training program. Our EMDR training program and training materials were developed by Dr Francine Shapiro and our training is authorised by the EMDR Training Institute that Dr Francine Shapiro founded. Our trainings are accredited the EMDR Association in Australia (EMDRAA).

It is truly an international training as it is the only training that is offered in many countries throughout the world, that has been accredited by each country’s EMDR association and the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).

Please visit the EMDR Institute web site (emdr.com) and open up the “faculty List” page where you will find information on 48 faculty members who train in over 23 countries in the world. Each trainer has been selected and trained by the EMDR Institute to maintain high training standards.

EMDR Training Australia and New Zealand provides EMDR Basic training (In Person and Online)  Structural Dissociation training, Master Classes, Advanced EMDR Training on Complex Trauma and Dissociation, and EMDR Grief and Loss trainings. Contact EMDR Training Australia online for more information.

More information is available if you go to the “training” banner at the top of the page and scroll to the training of your choice.