Rosalie Gannon

“Rosalie Gannon is an experienced, endorsed Counselling Psychologist, who was trained by Francine Shapiro in the early 1990’s, and who has been passionate about EMDR Therapy ever since. She has used EMDR with most clients, both Adults and Children, in her private practice over the last 30 years.
Rosalie became an EMDR Institute Facilitator in 2008 and an EMDRAA Consultant in 2012. She has been a Board member of EMDRAA and convened the APS Interest Group in EMDR Therapy and Psychology for many years. She continues to convene the local EMDR Interest Group network which meets on a regular basis in Hawthorn, VIC.
Rosalie has attended 5 masterclasses led by Dr Roger Solomon and Sigmund Burzynski, and facilitated at many Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 trainings.
As an experienced EMDR supervisor, Rosalie’s major focus is in the provision of EMDR supervision online and face-to-face, both to individuals and to groups, supporting participants to develop their EMDR skills and to gain confidence in working with clients with complex trauma.”