Janette McMahon

Dr Janette McMahon                                                                                                         ... Read more
Janette Mcmahon

Carla-Renee Sherwood

Carla-Renee Sherwood is a Registered Psychologist who has worked with trauma and addiction since 2009 across multiple settings including government, community and hospital settings, intensive inpatient residential rehabilitation centres, and private practice. From April 2018 to January 2020, Carla lived and worked at a primary inpatient addiction treatment centre in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, providing... Read more
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Gisela Tonat

Gisela is an accredited EMDR Practitioner, Facilitator and Consultant.she has many years of experience learning, teaching and practicing in EMDR. Gisela worked in Switzerland as a clinical psychologist before moving to Newcastle, Australia. She currently works as a registered Psychologist in private practice, mainly with adults with complex trauma. Gisela enjoys ongoing professional development as... Read more

Karen Klockner

Dr Karen Klockner has been an EMDR Therapist since 2009 and became an approved EMDR Consultant in 2012. Karen is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and facilitates at EMDR Institute training conducted by Sigmund Burzynski in both Brisbane and Cairns on a regular basis. She offers both individual supervision by appointment and one... Read more
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Bozica Stumfol

Ms Bozica Stumfol is a Registered Psychologist running her own EMDR private practice which is based in North Brisbane in Queensland. Bozica regularly facilitates at EMDR Institute trainings run by Dr Janette McMahon. Bozica became an EMDR Consultant and Institute Facilitator in 2019. She was trained by Dr Francine Shapiro Institute and supervised by Dr... Read more

Rosalie Gannon

“Rosalie Gannon is an experienced, endorsed Counselling Psychologist, who was trained by Francine Shapiro in the early 1990’s, and who has been passionate about EMDR Therapy ever since. She has used EMDR with most clients, both Adults and Children, in her private practice over the last 30 years. Rosalie became an EMDR Institute Facilitator in... Read more

Nicole Fraine

N Nicole Fraine Nicole Fraine is a clinical psychologist, in a private psychology practice on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Nicole has worked in private practice for 10 years, following 15 years as a guidance counsellor in catholic primary schools. During her time in schools, Nicole gained experience in working with children and in the area... Read more
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